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What Is An Estate Sale and How Do They Work?

The estate sale, also called a tag sale, is a means to dispose of your own or a loved one’s possessions in a systematic way.

It is more than just a yard sale, as everything is priced and available for purchase. Many estate sales occur when the home’s previous owner passes away, and the heirs of the estate perform a liquidation of the estate. In addition to the reasons listed above, moving out of state, downsizing, or divorce may also lead to an estate sale.


Increasing the visibility of your estate sales locally. Online directories are critical to the success of estate sales that target audiences in a particular geographic area. We realize that each and every client has a unique situation. Most clients determine that a professional listing of an estate sale in their home is the best way to liquidate their assets.

Let Us Help You With Your Estate Sales

In order to make your estate sales known to consumers among thousands of others, you will need to create a free listing in directories. The Park Avenue Estate Sales include geographic filters so that your precious items can be found.

We Have Something Exciting to Offer Every Day At Park Avenue State Sales!

Whether it is a great find or an unearthed time capsule, there is something for everyone in every estate sale! We would love to have your estate sale listed with us!

Whether it’s downsizing, relocating, or settling an estate, Park Avenue Estate Sales is the trusted partner that delivers exceptional service and expertise.